Our Science

Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) has built its reputation as one of the top racing laboratories in the world over 25 years of operation. Today it is one of the largest analytical laboratories in Australia, operating 19 different mass spectrometers in addition to immunoanalysers, robotic liquid handling systems and blood electrolyte analysers. These analytical instruments are linked to an efficient sample handling system that facilitates the high sample throughput demands of a modern drug testing laboratory.

Research and development has always been a priority for RASL. Throughout its history, the company has often been at the forefront of drug testing techniques, including the development of solid phase extraction methods that are now adopted as standard by the racing industry. Today, the company still maintains a strong research and development laboratory, allowing the rapid development of analytical methods for new drug targets, including proteins and peptides. RASL also has extensive experience in drug analysis in all sample types, and now offers drug testing from plasma, urine, oral fluids and hair samples.

RASL has also been an early adopter of high-resolution mass spectrometry as a drug screening tool. The company now operates four high resolution mass spectrometers that allow the screening of hundreds of compounds in a single analysis and the confirmation of small molecule drugs at low concentrations with even greater certainty. In combination with robotic sample preparation, these instruments are revolutionising the way RASL provides drug testing services to its clients.