An effective drug testing program is essential to maintain the integrity and reputation of your company or sporting organisation. Founded in 1988 to perform drug testing for the Victorian racing industry, Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) has been one of Australia’s leading drug testing laboratories for more than 25 years. RASL now provides a complete range of testing services to diverse clients including the AFP, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and some of Australia’s most successful companies.

Each year RASL tests over 30,000 samples for the Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian and Macau racing codes for over a thousand different drugs. The challenges of racing drug testing ensures that the company employs the latest technology to provide fast, efficient and accurate testing every week of the year. This same technology and attention to detail is used in our workplace drug testing operations to guarantee the quality of our results. All tests performed by the company are backed by full NATA accreditation in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, AS4308 and AS4760.

One of the greatest challenges for any drug testing program is maintaining up to date screening methods as new drugs enter the market. RASL employs experienced research chemists specifically for this task. New drugs are often identified in samples intercepted by the Australian Customs And Border Protection Service and sent to the company for identification. These new drugs are then incorporated into our drug testing screens, providing the most up to date drug testing possible.

RASL takes pride in the quality and sophistication of our drug testing techniques. With extensive experience in all aspects of drug analysis and reporting, we aim to provide the most complete and effective drug testing service in Australia.

Sports Drug Testing

  • Internationally recognised sports drug testing facility
  • Comprehensive screening for over a thousand different compounds
  • Testing for perfomance enhancing biologicals including EPO and peptides
  • NATA accredited

Workplace Drug Testing

  • Fast, professional analysis from a company with over 25 years experience in forensic drug testing
  • State of the art laboratory using the latest analytical techniques
  • Active development of new drug testing methods for up-to-date detection of designer drugs
  • NATA accredited

Roadside Drug  Confirmation

  • Detection of amphetamines, MDMA and THC
  • Rapid, confidential testing service

Additional Services

  • Sports supplement testing
  • Compound identification
  • Contract research
  • NATA accredited

RASL can customise our services to meet your individual needs. Contact us to learn more about our testing services and how our expertise can provide the answers you are looking for.