Equine Testing

Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) is a proud member of the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) and provides testing services of the highest quality to the Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian and Macau racing industries. As the Australian rules of thoroughbred and harness racing prohibit the use of any pharmaceutical agents on race day, the company tests for the widest range of drugs possible.

In addition to protecting the reputation and integrity of the horse racing industry, this drug testing policy protects the welfare of horses by preventing the use of drugs that would allow horses to compete while injured. The use of registered veterinary medicines for the treatment of sick or injured horses out of competition should not interfere with race day testing.

Testing is primarily based on the analysis of post-race urine samples collected by racing stewards. RASL also provides out-of-competition testing to prevent the use of performance enhancing drugs during training.

Any samples found to contain prohibited substances are carefully re-tested to confirm the presence of the drug before an independent sample is sent to a second racing laboratory for verification. Only after confirmation by two laboratories is the sample reported to the relevant racing industry. Chemists from RASL then provide expert advice during the legal proceedings associated with the enquiry.

As the only fully independent racing laboratory in Australia, RASL provides independent advice and testing services to the racing industry based on our extensive experience in drug testing matters.

RASL also provides testing services to other equestrian sports including equestrian federations and pony clubs.

Equine Drug Testing Policies:
  • RASL will provide drug screening services to any reputable organisation involved in the administration of equine based sports.
  • RASL will not accept equine samples from trainers or veterinarians, for pre-purchase testing or for general drug detection.
  • Samples requiring analysis for a specific medication from a racing animal must be directed through the relevant racing code (elective analysis).