Roadside Drug Test Confirmation

Racing Analytical Services Ltd provides drug confirmation services to private individuals who wish to challenge the findings of Police roadside drug testing. In some cases, the on-site testing devices used by the police can provide false positives. To protect people from false prosecutions, everyone who is tested positive by a roadside drug test in Victoria receives an oral fluid sample identical to that tested by the police. This is known as the "B sample". Racing Analytical Services can perform rapid B sample testing to confirm the presence of THC, amphetamines or MDMA.

The quality drug testing services provided by Racing Analytical Services allows confidence in understanding your drug status. The testing results are strictly confidential and cannot be used against the customer, regardless of the outcome.

The cost of roadside drug confirmation testing is $150 per sample (including GST), paid in advance when the sample is submitted. Samples can be delivered directly to the Flemington laboratory. For contact information please consult our website.