Synthetic Cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids are a family of drugs with actions similar to THC, the active ingredient of cannabis (marijuana, hashish). As many of these synthetic drugs are yet to be characterised and added to the list of illegal drugs, they are often sold as “legal highs”. Despite their legal classification, the safety of these drugs has never been tested and some THC analogues may be more dangerous than the cannabis they aim to replace. More information on synthetic cannabinoids can be found through the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre. The use of synthetic cannabinoids, even those that are yet to be declared illegal, can have a serious impact on health and safety in your workplace.

Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) has been at the forefront of Synthetic Cannabinoid research in Australia.

RASL's drug surveillance program has been responsible for identifying many of the new synthetic cannabinoids entering Australia. Our extensive experience in analysing this class of drugs allows the company to offer a comprehensive screen, based on high-resolution mass spectrometry. Our current screen for synthetic cannabinoids covers over 200 different compounds and is constantly being updated as more intelligence on synthetic drugs is collected. RASL also maintains a comprehensive collection of analytical standards for synthetic cannabinoid drugs.

Screening for synthetic cannabinoids can be performed in both urine and oral fluid.